Is Caesarstone a good countertop?

Marble Effect Kitchen Worktop

Redesigning your kitchen can be an enormous amount of work. There are all of those measurements to take, and then you have to go through the trouble of deciding which type of stone you want for your new countertops. Once you’ve decided that, there are still myriads of different colors, brands, styles, patterns, and textures to choose from. It can be rather overwhelming!

When it comes to high quality, Caesarstone products is the one stop shop for the best quartz surfaces in the business. Not only do you have a rich array of beautiful natural colors to choose from, but you won’t find another company who is more dedicated toward producing the best quartz slabs on the market. Their exceptional safety standards, combined with their continued efforts to enforce environmentally friendly policies, make them a truly unique company.

What makes Caesarstone products so desirable? Their manufacturing process is one that ensures both quality and durability. They pride themselves for creating slabs that contain no less than 93 percent quartz, the other seven percent consisting of color additives and bonding agents. Each slab is hand inspected for quality, ensuring that each surface that goes out into the world has no cracks, stains, or other abnormalities.

Once you’ve purchased your Caesarstone countertop, you can guarantee that your surface will not only be scratch and stain resistant, but that its high gloss finish will endure for years to come. Furthermore, its nonporous surface also makes it resilient toward germs, mold, and mildew as well, making it ideal for even humid areas such as bathrooms.

Environmentally conscious consumers will also be pleased with their environmental policies. Caesarstone ensures that not only do they use earth-friendly manufacturing methods, but that they also use recycled raw materials and water. Furthermore, their policies meet a number of strict requirements in accordance to Greenguard and the US Green Building Council.

Caesarstone products that have been manufactured in Israel have even been pronounced kosher, allowing religious families the world over to use their sinks and countertops while cooking Passover meals.

These admirable qualities aside, consumers will be delighted with the variety of colors and patterns Caesarstone has to offer. Along with providing a unique collection of lovely stone hues and patterns, but their Concetto selection provides you with absolutely gorgeous quartz slabs made from semi-precious stones. Their mixture of hues includes everything from blue agate to petrified wood, resulting in countless possibilities.

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